Design Solutions: Salient Associates provides design solutions for a wide variety of telecommunication projects. From small size installtions comprising of wall mouted steel platforms and single antenna installations to guyed monopoles for multiple carrier installations. Our design portfolio is extensive in terms of all types of design prjects.

Project Management: Salient associates also provides project management for the telecommunication industry. Our services include site visits, assessement, supervision, & reporting. We also provide trained personnel for the wireless industry in terms of site project management from project kick off till sign off.

Consulting: Our consulting services extend to many leading companies in the field of telecommunications. Our client list includes T-Mobile Wireless Corp., Alcoa/AFL Telecom, Berliner Communications (For Sprint PCS), Advanced Radio Telecommunications, Inner Wireless, FiberTower Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Nextel Communications Inc., Cingular Wireless (AT&T) and others.

Overseas: Salient Associates provides a variety of overseas services, both in the telecommunication sector and in the government sector. We have designed and installed various peojects in Africa for the Army Corp of Engineers, and other clients.

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